Oct/Nov Roundtable

Please plan to join us for the upcoming Roundtables.  Roundtable starts at 7:00pm and is held at Cares (4136 Barker Drive, New Port Richey)

September 7 – Long Range Camp Discussion

October 14 – Charter Renewal – Charter Packets will be available at the end the Roundtable program!

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Anclote District Webelosree 2015

Medieval Tournament of GamesKnight

OCTOBER 9-11, 2015  at CAMP SOULE

The King & Queen of the Kingdom of Anclote invite all Webelos Scouts and his parents/guardians to accept the challenge of earning the King’s Cup.  A series of challenges and sporting events designed to test the physical strength, mental toughness, and teamwork of individual Scouts and Dens.

Will your Den rise to the challenge?  Are you good enough to defeat your foe?

Events include:  Hot Cauldron Relay Race, King’s Cup Archery Challenge, Jousting, Dragon’s Breath (Fire Building), Maide Lesig (Strength & Balance Contest), Clachneart (Hammer Toss), and fRescue the Maiden (Stretcher Race & Obstacle Course).

Cost for the weekend is $15 per person (includes camp fees, patch, unit flag streamer, prizes, and lunch on Saturday).

Register by September 25, 2015 at the Council Office or online at  www.wcfcbsa.org

Webelosree T-shirts will be available for order with registration for an additional $10 each (extra charge for 2XL & 3XL)

Click here for the Leaders Guide and Flyer:

Anclote Webelosree Leader’s Guide 2015          Webelosree Flyer 2015

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Peer-to-Peer Recruiting

Adventure of ScoutingAs you are probably aware the district has done really well in recruitment so far.  Cub Scout membership has grown by over 100 members since June 30th and units are still turning in applications.

However, we have a long way to go on our mission to spread Scouting in our community!  Every new youth we bring in and keep in the program is another young life changed for the better!  We set a target of 412 new youth members in the district this year, and so far we are about a quarter of the way there – so we are asking for your help to get the rest of the way there!  More members also means more adult leaders and provides more support to your existing leadership team.

It’s proven that the single most powerful way to recruit new members is to use families that are already a part of Scouting – peer-to-peer recruiting.  We are asking every unit in the district (packs, troops, and crews) to run a peer-to-peer recruiting event before the end of the year.

This is not as hard as it sounds.  Many units already have a fun event planned that you can invite prospective members to, such as a holiday party.  If not, you can always turn a regular meeting into a peer-to-peer event just by planning some simple activities that show the “sizzle” of Scouting.

To help you plan your event with success in mind we’ve put together a How-To guide for peer-to-peer recruitment. You can download it here!

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New Cub Scout Program – Final Rank Requirements Published

EthanEarlier today, revised and final requirements of the new Cub Scout program were released by the National Office. The new program and these requirements will be effective with the 2015-2016 Scouting year. Handbooks, den leader guides, and other affected materials are on schedule to be in Scout shops no later than May 1, 2015.

These requirements will form the basis of the new Cub Scouting program that all packs will have to follow from June 2015. This is a very extensive change to the program and is designed to make it easier and simpler for unit leaders to deliver the program and deliver the promise of Scouting.

You can view all the new requirements for cub scout ranks by clicking here.

We are planning a series of Roundtables on the new Cub Scouting program for early next year. Information will be published on the district website later this year.

In the meantime, keep on Cub Scouting!!

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Membership Sustainabilty

This is a repost of an article we put up at the beginning of the year.  I thought it would be relevant as we work through our Join Scouting Nights.

As many of you have heard, this is a critical year for our District and Council.  Our membership numbers have been declining and this meansLemon_Symbols there are more and more youth that are not getting an opportunity to be a Scout.  If you are reading this, chances are you are involved in Scouting and already know the benefits the program has on the life of a young person.  I recently read an article that posed the question “Is Scouting still relevant?”  Of course, we know the answer is YES!  The article ended with a statement that kids face so many opportunities to make wrong decisions and that Scouting stacks the deck for the positive. That’s a powerful statement and one that the leadership of each unit should take to heart.  We who are committed to Scouting – that know the value it adds to the lives of our youth, should do everything in our power to ensure a positive experience.  And let’s take that one step further…we should all be striving to ensure that our units are strong and continue to deliver the Promise of Scouting long after we’ve moved on to other things.

To be strong units need, trained leaders, planned program, and youth to reap the benefits of the program.  Think long-term and think about sustainability of the unit – how to keep it going for years to come!

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Recruiting Ideas – Promotional Activity

Recruiter PatchAs we get into recruiting season we are continuing our series of articles on Invitation Methods for Cub Scouting – which is really relevant to any form of Scout recruitment activity.

Today’s idea is to host a promotional activity; perhaps at your chartered partner, perhaps at a school in the area, or even at another location.

  • If you have volunteers willing to help, make it a hot dog BBQ! Nothing attracts attention like free food.
  • Have uniformed youth participating along with other children. Make it co-ed and allow all ages to join in.
  • Work with a pack or troop near you to ensure the program reaches all Scout aged youth. Talk to the local Girl Scout Troop to make sure you have information for the girls!
  • Take the games and activities straight out of Scouting literature.
  • Have a picture board, displays, stickers, flyers, and copies of your Unit Information Sheet; and watch for parents stopping to pick up their sons. Make sure a leader speaks to them, gives them information and invites them to a meeting.
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Recruiting Ideas – Personal Phone Calls

Recruiter PatchAsk each family to brainstorm other families they could personally call or email with an invitation to join.

The pack should provide each family with copies of the Pack Information Sheet, business card, and other items to help spread the excitement of Cub Scouting.

Pack leadership could also create an email “newsletter” or other promotional copy for families to forward to their brainstormed list.

Have an incentive for the family inviting the most new members.

This post is part of a series on recruiting ideas as we gear up for the fall recruitment season. For more information on this and other ideas for recruiting, check out Invitation Methods for Cub Scouting.

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BSA Cyber Chip

CyberChipAs a follow-up to a previous blog post on the new Digital Technology merit badge, we thought it might be useful to look at its companion award, the BSA Cyber Chip.

Kids spend more than 7.5 hours a day using some kind of electronic device, according to a 2010 Kaiser Family Foundation study.

In other words, if they’re awake and not at school, they’re probably online. Read more »

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Cub Scout Day Camp Training

CS Day CampThere will be a mandatory Day Camp training, Saturday, June 7th at 8am -3pm at the First United Methodist Church of Hudson, on US19 in Hudson.

Any Adult who has volunteered and any Boy Scout or Venture Scout who has volunteered must attend.

Registration begins at 8am, there will be refreshments. Opening will begin at 9am. Bring something to take notes.

Please bring a copy of your youth protection cards, and medical forms to give to Miss Iona. If you have a CPR, or are an EMT, LPN, or RN ,please bring a copy of those cards as well.  All range master trained, please bring a copy of your cards.

This training is needed to comply with our National Standards to run our day camp. Please plan to attend so we can ensure a safe and fun environment for our Cub Scouts. If you have signed up for any WCFC day camp, Camp Soule or James Grey Preserve, and have not attended a training, please plan to attend.

Questions, email Meralee Jett at ourgangathome3469@yahoo.com or call her at 727-862-8358.

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Recruiting Ideas – Customized Letters

Recruiter PatchProduce and email a letter to parents that they can customize as from their family, and then send to friends and acquaintances.

Include information on the benefits of Cub Scouting, your pack’s activities, and why your families are involved.

It is important that any letters invite families to a specific gathering, indicate how to learn more, and what to do if they cannot attend.

This post is part of a series on recruiting ideas as we gear up for the fall recruitment season. For more information on this and other ideas for recruiting, check out Invitation Methods for Cub Scouting.

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