Council Encampment – Leaders Guide

palm-tree-on-island-mdThe leaders guide for the Historic Island Adventure that is the West Central Florida Council 2014 Encampment is now available for download on the Council website. Click here to see a PDF copy of the guide.

Our supplier is finalizing sizes and details for the Encampment T-shirt and as soon as this information is available, registration will be available online.

Registration is available online.

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Training Opportunities!

Trained PatchVisit our Calendar page for details.  Register for both of these opportunities online at


When: Saturday, 12/6 – 8:00am to Sunday, 12/7, 11:00am
Where: Camp Soule
Cost:    $25 per participant – Registration Deadline: 12/1/14


When: Friday, 12/5 – 6:30pm to Sunday, 12/7, 11:00am
Where: Camp Soule
Cost:    $30 per participant – Registration Deadline: 12/1/14

For any questions on either training, please contact Anclote District Training Chair/Course Director, Richard Llanas (727) 207-5985 or

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Fall Recruitment

NewsIt’s Fall and as the temperatures drop outside, our Membership thermometer continues to rise.  I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who are working hard to grow your units.  At the district level we talk about these numbers all the time, but remember each one of those numbers means a kid is getting the Promise of Scouting – a promise that helps shape the person they will become.   It’s bigger than any one of us, or any unit…it’s an investment in the future of our communities.   So again Thank You and please keep growing your units.  Here’s a few successes in Anclote so far:


New Youth Pack New Youth Troop New Youth Troop

New Youth


16 48 1 8 5 91 1


8 55 9 9 6 155



9 64 4 40 1 177 2


1 140 7 48 1 407



7 422 17 84 2 475


40 7 475 30 86 1 545


If you haven’t had any luck growing your unit, please reach out to me, our District Exec Mark Sharman, or your Unit Commissioner for assistance.  This is a vital effort to the success of Scouting in our area.

Bill Haggard                                 Mark Sharman
Membership Committee            District Executive

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Weekly Popcorn Tip

Looking for a fun, yet effective way to sell popcorn? I’d be certain that there are family members that live out of town that would love to help out the Scouts by buying popcorn. You then ask yourself how can we touch those people? I’ve got just the way…

Have the youth make a short video about selling popcorn and put it on YouTube. Click here for a really cool example. Find someone in the unit who likes photography and ask if they would like to take on this project (this could even be a merit badge project in a Troop).

Once it is done, post it on your Facebook page and forward it to family and friends. Make sure you have mentioned the zip code of the Council (33772) and the unit number in the Facebook post to ensure they find the right Scout to buy popcorn from. Encourage other parents to create a post also. This will increase the online ordering.

To sell online, the Scout must first create an account with Trails End. Here’s how you do that:

  1. Go to
  2. Top right of page, Create an Account
  3. Choose Scout from the options
  4. Complete the information and click submit

To sell, go to and start to order. Choose the Scout who you want to order from and go from there.

Let’s get popping.

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Scouting For Food – Important Update

SFFAs some of you may be aware there has been a logistical issue with the supply of Scouting for Food bags this year. All the Scouting for Food bags for the State of Florida are ordered by one of the Scout Councils. West Central Florida Council placed its order with the other Council at the start of the year. Due to a communication problem between that Council and the supplier the bags were never ordered for the state.

With this in mind, Scouting for Food will obviously look different this year to previous years. Units can prepare and use door-hangers to get the word out about the event and may consider supplementing this with yard signs at the entrances to neighborhoods they visit. Alternatively, units may wish to go door-to-door on one or both weekends and have Scouts collect the food donations in an empty backpack or hand truck and collect food in this way.

Many units donate food to their Chartered Partner’s Food Bank and this is a great way to support the work of the Chartered Partner. Please remember to report the amount of food collected to me at if you choose to do this. Units wanting to drop food off at a central location should coordinate with me.

Thank you for supporting Scouting for Food.

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New Cub Scout Program – Final Rank Requirements Published

EthanEarlier today, revised and final requirements of the new Cub Scout program were released by the National Office. The new program and these requirements will be effective with the 2015-2016 Scouting year. Handbooks, den leader guides, and other affected materials are on schedule to be in Scout shops no later than May 1, 2015.

These requirements will form the basis of the new Cub Scouting program that all packs will have to follow from June 2015. This is a very extensive change to the program and is designed to make it easier and simpler for unit leaders to deliver the program and deliver the promise of Scouting.

You can view all the new requirements for cub scout ranks by clicking here.

We are planning a series of Roundtables on the new Cub Scouting program for early next year. Information will be published on the district website later this year.

In the meantime, keep on Cub Scouting!!

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Membership Sustainabilty

This is a repost of an article we put up at the beginning of the year.  I thought it would be relevant as we work through our Join Scouting Nights.

As many of you have heard, this is a critical year for our District and Council.  Our membership numbers have been declining and this meansLemon_Symbols there are more and more youth that are not getting an opportunity to be a Scout.  If you are reading this, chances are you are involved in Scouting and already know the benefits the program has on the life of a young person.  I recently read an article that posed the question “Is Scouting still relevant?”  Of course, we know the answer is YES!  The article ended with a statement that kids face so many opportunities to make wrong decisions and that Scouting stacks the deck for the positive. That’s a powerful statement and one that the leadership of each unit should take to heart.  We who are committed to Scouting – that know the value it adds to the lives of our youth, should do everything in our power to ensure a positive experience.  And let’s take that one step further…we should all be striving to ensure that our units are strong and continue to deliver the Promise of Scouting long after we’ve moved on to other things.

To be strong units need, trained leaders, planned program, and youth to reap the benefits of the program.  Think long-term and think about sustainability of the unit – how to keep it going for years to come!

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Cub Scout Leader Training

Please plan to join at the West Central Florida Council’s upcoming Cub Scout training session. This is a great opportunity to get you leaders trained so they can deliver a quality program to your Pack! The will include the following fun-filled courses:

  • Cub Scout Specifics – This course provides new Leaders the basic knowledge and skills to run a successful Pack. It’ a must for all new leaders, as well as “old-hands!”
  • Webelos Den Leader Specifics – This course is intended to provide Webelos den leaders with the “how-to” basic information they need to run interesting and productive den meetings.
  • Den Chief Training – This course is designed to help Boy Scout or Venturer youth learn the ropes of assisting the den as their Den Chief. Scouts need to be at least First Class in order to fill the position of Den Chief.  Click here for registration info.

When:    October 4, 2014
Time:      Gather at 8:30 / Courses run from 9:00am to 12:00pm
Cost:        $3.00 to be paid at the training session
Where:   St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral (Parking/Entrance behind the Church)
36 N. Pinellas Ave.
Tarpon Springs FL 34689

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Membership Recruiting Bulletin – Issue 5

MembershipRecruitmentBulletinThe latest Membership Recruiting Bulletin is now available on the Council website. You can download it here. The bulletin is produced by the volunteers on the Council Membership Committee and gives all the latest information on whats new in fall recruitment. Its not just for cub Scout leaders but leaders at every level of the program. For more information on fall recruitment, please contact Bill Haggard, the district membership chair at or Mark Sharman, the district executive at

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Recruiting Ideas – Promotional Activity

Recruiter PatchAs we get into recruiting season we are continuing our series of articles on Invitation Methods for Cub Scouting – which is really relevant to any form of Scout recruitment activity.

Today’s idea is to host a promotional activity; perhaps at your chartered partner, perhaps at a school in the area, or even at another location.

  • If you have volunteers willing to help, make it a hot dog BBQ! Nothing attracts attention like free food.
  • Have uniformed youth participating along with other children. Make it co-ed and allow all ages to join in.
  • Work with a pack or troop near you to ensure the program reaches all Scout aged youth. Talk to the local Girl Scout Troop to make sure you have information for the girls!
  • Take the games and activities straight out of Scouting literature.
  • Have a picture board, displays, stickers, flyers, and copies of your Unit Information Sheet; and watch for parents stopping to pick up their sons. Make sure a leader speaks to them, gives them information and invites them to a meeting.
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